4 Implementation

4 Implementation

NICE guidance can help:

  • National and local organisations within the public sector meet government indicators and targets to reduce health inequalities and improve health.

  • NHS organisations, social care and children's services meet the requirements of the DH's 'Operating framework for 2009/10' and 'Operational plans 2008/09–2010/11'.

  • NHS organisations, social care and children's services meet the requirements of the Department of Communities and Local Government's 'The new performance framework for local authorities and local authority partnerships'. This includes reducing levels of childhood obesity (PSA delivery agreement 12). It also includes promoting better health and wellbeing for all, by reducing all-age, all-cause mortality rates and reducing smoking prevalence (PSA delivery agreement 18).

  • Local authorities, NHS and national organisations to fulfill their responsibilities under the 'National service framework for coronary heart disease' (DH 2000).

  • NHS organisations implement the 'NHS health check: vascular risk assessment' and 'Management best practice guidance' (DH 2009).

  • National government, local authorities and national organisations fulfill their responsibilities regarding restricting the availability of tobacco as part of the Tobacco – Health Bill 2009, the Health Act 2006 (smokefree premises, places and vehicles), and the Children and Young Persons (Sale of Tobacco etc.) Order 2007.

  • Local authorities and NHS organisations fulfill their responsibility to increase local opportunities for physical activity, as outlined in 'Choosing health – making healthy choices easier' (DH 2005), 'Choosing activity: a physical activity action plan' (DH 2005) and the 'Walking and cycling: an action plan' (Department for Transport 2004).

  • NHS organisations and other local public sector partners fulfil their remit to promote the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of communities. It can also help them to benefit from any identified cost savings, disinvestment opportunities or opportunities for redirecting resources.

  • NHS and local authority organisations meet the requirements of 'Delivering choosing health – making healthy choices easier' (DH 2005).

NICE has developed tools to help organisations put this guidance into practice.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)