Quality standard

Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 Women with diabetes who are of childbearing potential are offered preconception planning advice at diabetes care reviews. [new 2023]

Statement 2 Women with pre-existing diabetes are seen by members of the joint diabetes and antenatal care team as soon as possible after informing their healthcare professional that they are pregnant. [2016, updated 2023]

Statement 3 Pregnant women with type 1 diabetes are offered continuous glucose monitoring. [new 2023]

Statement 4 Women diagnosed with gestational diabetes are offered postnatal testing of blood glucose levels and referred to the National Diabetes Prevention Programme if eligible. [new 2023]

Statement 5 Women diagnosed with gestational diabetes who have negative postnatal testing for diabetes after the birth are offered annual HbA1c testing. [2016, updated 2023]

In 2023, this quality standard was updated, and statements prioritised in 2016 were updated (2016, updated 2023) or replaced (new 2023). For more information, see update information.

The previous version of the quality standard for diabetes in pregnancy is available as a pdf.