This quality standard covers the prevention, assessment and management of mental health problems in people with learning disabilities in all settings (including health, social care, education, and forensic and criminal justice). It also covers family members, carers and care workers.

It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement. It does not cover problem behaviours (challenging behaviour, aggressive behaviour, destructive behaviour, or self-injurious behaviour). They are covered by the NICE quality standard on learning disabilities: challenging behaviour.

In this quality standard, ‘mental health problems’ are defined as mental and behavioural disorders in the ICD-10. See the NICE guideline on mental health problems in people with learning disabilities (full guideline; page 20) for more details of the mental health problems covered.

Keeping quality standards up to date

We checked this quality standard in 2017 and it is still up to date.

Next review: August 2018.

Quality standard development process

How we develop NICE quality standards