Hip fracture: quality standard consultation

You can now comment on this draft quality standard.

Closing date for submissions: 5pm Monday 22 August 2016

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Background information

Following the post-consultation quality standards advisory committee meeting held on 25 May 2016 substantial changes were made to the hip fracture quality standard. To ensure that the priorities highlighted by the quality standard are in line with those of the wider hip fracture community we have decided to undertake a second consultation on the updated quality standard.

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Would you like to support this quality standard?

If you would like your organisation to formally support this quality standard please email QSsupportingorgs@nice.org.uk to express an interest. Those who support quality standards must be:

  • National patient, carer, service user, voluntary, charity and non-governmental organisations
  • National organisations that represent professionals, practitioners commissioners or providers
  • Statutory organisations such as Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).


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