Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 People are asked about their sexual history at key points of contact.

Statement 2 People identified as being at risk of sexually transmitted infections have a discussion about prevention and testing.

Statement 3 Local authorities provide a range of condom distribution schemes tailored to the needs of their populations.

Statement 4 People contacting a sexual health service about a sexually transmitted infection are offered an appointment that is within 2 working days.

Statement 5 Men who have sex with men have repeat testing every 3 months if they are at increased risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Statement 6 People diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection are supported to notify their partners.

NICE has developed guidance and a quality standard on patient experience in adult NHS services (see the NICE pathway on patient experience in adult NHS services), which should be considered alongside these quality statements.

Other quality standards that should be considered when commissioning or providing sexual health services include:

A full list of NICE quality standards is available from the quality standards topic library.