Quality standard

Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 Women aged 50 years or over reporting one or more symptoms occurring persistently or frequently that suggest ovarian cancer are offered a CA125 test.

Statement 2 Women with raised CA125 have an ultrasound of their abdomen and pelvis within 2 weeks of receiving the CA125 test results.

Statement 3 Women with normal CA125, or raised CA125 but normal ultrasound, with no confirmed diagnosis but continuing symptoms, are reassessed by their GP within 1 month.

Statement 4 Women with a risk of malignancy (RMI I) score of 250 or greater are referred to a specialist gynaecological cancer multidisciplinary team.

Statement 5 Women who are offered staging for ovarian cancer, following ultrasound, are offered CT of the abdomen and pelvis as the initial staging investigation.

Statement 6 Women who have CT for staging of ovarian cancer have the results reported by a radiologist who is a core member of the specialist gynaecological cancer multidisciplinary team.

Statement 7 Women with an indeterminate adnexal mass on ultrasound are offered MRI for further characterisation.

Statement 8 Women with suspected stage I ovarian cancer have optimal surgical staging.