Quality standard

Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 Children with atopic eczema are offered, at diagnosis, an assessment that includes recording of their detailed clinical and treatment histories and identification of potential trigger factors.

Statement 2 Children with atopic eczema are offered treatment based on recorded eczema severity using the stepped-care plan, supported by education.

Statement 3 Children with atopic eczema have their (and their families') psychological wellbeing and quality of life discussed and recorded at each eczema consultation.

Statement 4 Children with atopic eczema are prescribed sufficient quantities (250 g to 500 g weekly) from a choice of unperfumed emollients for daily use.

Statement 5 Children with uncontrolled or unresponsive atopic eczema, including recurring infections, or psychosocial problems related to the atopic eczema are referred for specialist dermatological advice.

Statement 6 Infants and young children with moderate or severe atopic eczema that has not been controlled by optimal treatment are referred for specialist investigation to identify possible food and other allergies.

Statement 7 Children with atopic eczema who have suspected eczema herpeticum receive immediate treatment with systemic aciclovir and are referred for same-day specialist dermatological advice.