Quality standard

Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 People with possible autism who are referred to an autism team for a diagnostic assessment have the diagnostic assessment started within 3 months of their referral.

Statement 2 People having a diagnostic assessment for autism are also assessed for coexisting physical health conditions and mental health problems.

Statement 3 Autistic people have a personalised plan that is developed and implemented in a partnership between them and their family and carers (if appropriate) and the autism team.

Statement 4 Autistic people are offered a named key worker to coordinate the care and support detailed in their personalised plan.

Statement 5 Autistic people have a documented discussion with a member of the autism team about opportunities to take part in age-appropriate psychosocial interventions to help address the core features of autism.

Statement 6 Autistic people are not prescribed medication to address the core features of autism.

Statement 7 Autistic people who develop behaviour that challenges are assessed for possible triggers, including physical health conditions, mental health problems and environmental factors.

Statement 8 Autistic people with behaviour that challenges are not offered antipsychotic medication for the behaviour unless it is being considered because psychosocial or other interventions are insufficient or cannot be delivered because of the severity of the behaviour.