Quality standard

Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 Adults in high-risk groups for faecal incontinence are asked in a sensitive way, at the time the risk factor is identified and then at times according to local care pathways, whether they have bowel control problems.

Statement 2 Adults reporting bowel control problems are offered a full baseline assessment, which is carried out by healthcare professionals who do not assume that symptoms are caused by any existing conditions or disabilities.

Statement 3 Adults with faecal incontinence and their carers are offered practical support, advice and a choice of appropriate products for coping with symptoms during the period of assessment and for as long as they experience episodes of faecal incontinence.

Statement 4 Adults with faecal incontinence have an initial management plan that covers any specific conditions causing the incontinence, and diet, bowel habit, toilet access and medication.

Statement 5 Adults who continue to experience episodes of faecal incontinence after initial management are offered referral for specialised management.