5 Implementation

5 Implementation

5.1 The Secretary of State and the Welsh Assembly Minister for Health and Social Services have issued directions to the NHS in England and Wales on implementing NICE technology appraisal guidance. When a NICE technology appraisal recommends use of a drug or treatment, or other technology, the NHS must usually provide funding and resources for it within 3 months of the guidance being published. If the Department of Health issues a variation to the 3-month funding direction, details will be available on the NICE website. When there is no NICE technology appraisal guidance on a drug, treatment or other technology, decisions on funding should be made locally.

5.2 The technology in this appraisal may not be the only treatment for advanced (unresectable or metastatic) melanoma recommended in NICE guidance, or otherwise available in the NHS. Therefore, if a NICE technology appraisal recommends use of a technology, it is as an option for the treatment of a disease or condition. This means that the technology should be available for a patient who meets the clinical criteria set out in the guidance, subject to the clinical judgement of the treating clinician. The NHS must provide funding and resources (in line with section 5.1) when the clinician concludes and the patient agrees that the recommended technology is the most appropriate to use, based on a discussion of all available treatments.

5.3 NICE has developed tools to help organisations put this guidance into practice (listed below).

  • A costing statement explaining the resource impact of this guidance.

5.4 The Department of Health and the manufacturer have agreed that ipilimumab will be offered to the NHS under a patient access scheme that makes ipilimumab available with a discount on the list price. The size of the discount is commercial-in-confidence. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to communicate details of the discount to the relevant NHS organisations. Any enquiries from NHS organisations about the patient access scheme should be directed to Bristol Myer-Squibb (01244 586250, mg-ukpasadmin@bms.com).

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)