Process and methods

4 Topic identification, selection and prioritisation

4.1 Topic identification and prioritisation

The identification and selection of relevant and appropriate good practice guidance topics and associated outputs follows the following process:

Stage 1: Identifying potential topics

Views on potential topics for NICE good practice guidance are sought through consultation. Stakeholders, including government departments, NHS organisations and professional bodies are invited to submit suggestions and comments. A proposed list of topics is produced for a consultation document, known as the 'long list'.

Stage 2: Prioritising topics

The long list is reviewed by the NICE Medicines and Prescribing Centre team and used to create a prioritised shortlist of topics for development in line with the NICE good practice guidance process manual. The shortlist is limited to 6 topics.

Stage 3: Formal selection of topic

The short list and supporting rationale is reviewed by the Director of the Centre for Clinical Practice. Final selection of topics is agreed by the NICE Senior Management Team.

Stage 4: Topic scheduling

Selected topics are scheduled for production. The NICE Medicines and Prescribing Centre Medicines Advice Associate Director plans a programme of work and identifies key NICE Medicines and Prescribing Centre personnel and resources to deliver outputs.

Stage 5: Topic consultation

For subsequent topic consultations, stakeholders are invited to submit suggestions and comments on the short list and provide views on potential topics for inclusion in the work programme. The proposed topics form a new long list. The process then starts again from stage 2.

4.2 Scoping individual good practice guidance

The scope for individual good practice guidance is determined by the NICE Medicines and Prescribing Centre by identifying key questions and objectives. This may involve a scoping workshop, liaison with key stakeholders and experts, literature searches and any relevant remit from NICE, the Department of Health and NHS England.