Introduction: scope and purpose of this guidance

Introduction: scope and purpose of this guidance

What is this guidance about?

This guidance aims to define how the social and emotional wellbeing of vulnerable children aged under 5 years can be supported through home visiting, childcare and early education. The recommendations cover:

  • strategy, commissioning and review

  • identifying vulnerable children and assessing their needs

  • ante- and postnatal home visiting for vulnerable children and their families

  • early education and childcare

  • delivering services.

This guidance does not cover the clinical treatment of emotional and behavioural difficulties or mental health conditions, or the role of child protection services.

Who is this guidance for?

The guidance is for all those responsible for ensuring the social and emotional wellbeing of children aged under 5 years. This includes those planning and commissioning children's services in local authorities (including education), the NHS, and the community, voluntary and private sectors. It also includes: GPs, health visitors, midwives, psychologists and other health practitioners, social workers, teachers and those working in all early years settings (including childminders and those working in children's centres and nurseries).

The guidance may also be of interest to parents, other family members and the general public.