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Questions you could ask

Questions you could ask

  • What caused my low back pain to come on? Was it something physical, like lifting a heavy weight?

  • What can I do to manage my low back pain or sciatica?

  • How can I reduce the effects of the pain on my daily life?

  • I'm not being referred for tests. But if I'm still in pain, doesn't this mean there's something seriously wrong?

  • Is there anything my family or colleagues could do to help me?

  • Why is exercise so important, and how should I do this?

  • Is there anyone who can advise me on home and workplace adaptations?

  • Why isn't it a good idea to just stay in bed and rest?

  • Should I carry on working?

  • Is it likely I might have low back pain again? Will it be caused by the same thing?

  • Can you give me any leaflets or other information that I can take away?

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