Putting this guideline into practice

Putting this guideline into practice

NICE has produced tools and resources to help you put this guideline into practice.

Some issues were highlighted that might need specific thought when implementing the recommendations. These were raised during the development of this guideline and are:

  • The need to address misconceptions about HIV testing and treatment, for example:

    • the cost of HIV treatment

    • life expectancy following a positive diagnosis (particular emphasis is needed on the benefits of early diagnosis for outcomes including life expectancy).

  • The need to reduce the stigma (real or perceived) associated with HIV testing and living with HIV, both among communities with a high or extremely high prevalence of HIV and among healthcare professionals.

  • The need to take local patterns of HIV into account when planning how to deliver services. Services should be tailored to the needs of the population, including whether an area has high prevalence or extremely high prevalence of HIV.