Information for the public

Questions to ask about bronchiolitis

Finding out what's wrong (diagnosis)

  • Can you tell me more about the tests/investigations my child may need?

  • What do these tests involve?

  • Where will these be carried out? Will my child need to have them in hospital?

  • Why do you need to know about other details and my child's home life?

  • If my child doesn't have bronchiolitis, what else might it be?

Treatments and care

  • Can you tell me why you have decided to offer my child this particular type of treatment?

  • What will it involve?

  • How will it help my child? What effect will it have on my child's symptoms?

  • Will my child need to stay in hospital, and if so why?

  • When will my child be able to come home?

  • If my child still has a cough after a few weeks, what should I do?

  • Will over‑the‑counter cough and cold medicines help my child feel better?

  • Why is it important to make sure no one smokes around my child when they come home?

  • Can you provide me with any information to help me look after my child?

About bronchiolitis

  • Can you tell me more about bronchiolitis?

  • Can you prevent bronchiolitis? Is there a vaccine available?

  • Is it possible for my child to get bronchiolitis again once they've had it?

  • Will it affect them in later life?

  • Will getting bronchiolitis mean my child is more likely to have other breathing problems later, like asthma?

  • Can my child have their routine vaccinations?

  • Does my child need to keep away from other children?

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