Quality standard

Quality statements

Quality statements

Statement 1 Young people (aged 16 to 24 years) with cancer have their diagnosis, treatment and support agreed and delivered by a cancer-site-specific multidisciplinary team and a teenage and young adult multidisciplinary team.

Statement 2 Children and young people with cancer (aged 0 to 24 years) should be offered the opportunity to take part in clinical trials if they are eligible.

Statement 3 Children and young people receiving chemotherapy have it prescribed using an electronic prescribing system.

Statement 4 Children and young people with cancer, and their families and carers, have their psychological and social needs assessed at key points on their care pathway and receive support based on their identified needs.

Statement 5 Children and young people who have had a central nervous system malignancy receive a specialist neuro-rehabilitation care package.

Statement 6 Children and young people who have been treated for cancer have an end-of-treatment summary and care plan that includes agreed follow-up and monitoring arrangements.

Statement 7 Children and young people with cancer are assessed for potential future fertility problems and advised about their options for fertility preservation before treatment is started.