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Stages of guideline development


  • The developer drafts the guideline scope.

  • The draft scope is placed on the NICE website (for 4 weeks) for consultation with stakeholders. Stakeholders comment on the scope (see advising and commenting on a draft scope) and may attend a scoping workshop.

  • The final scope is published on the NICE website.

  • The guideline committee is recruited and you can apply to join (see joining a committee).


  • The committee agrees questions for the guideline and the developer looks for evidence and prepares cost analyses.

  • The committee discusses the evidence and makes recommendations.

  • If no evidence is found, the developer may ask for evidence from people who use services. You could get involved in this way (see answering a call for evidence).


  • The draft guideline is placed on the NICE website (for 4 to 6 weeks) for consultation with stakeholders.

  • Stakeholders send their comments on the draft guideline to NICE.

Revising the guideline

  • The committee discusses the stakeholders' comments and makes changes to the guideline. In this way, stakeholders can inform the final guideline.

  • The developer writes replies to all the stakeholder comments.


  • NICE signs off the guideline for publication.

  • Stakeholders are sent a confidential advance copy of the guideline just before publication.

  • The guideline is published on the NICE website along with the stakeholder comments and responses.


  • NICE carries out regular checks to see if the guideline needs updating.

  • Stakeholders and individuals can tell NICE if a guideline might need updating.

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