Implementing NICE guidance

Putting our guidance into practice benefits patients and carers, healthcare professionals and organisations.

We produce resources to help you implement our guidance. We provide practical support, through local visits by our implementation consultants or advice on adopting new technologies from our adoption team.

Busy health and social care professionals need to be able to answer the question 'What will be the impact if we implement this piece of guidance?'

Help from our field team

Our team of 8 implementation consultants works with organisations to help put our guidance into practice. We work with NHS, local authority and other organisations in their area, ensuring regular interaction with our stakeholders.

Audit and service improvement

Our resources will help you plan ahead for NICE guidance, understand where you are now, and conduct improvement initiatives.

Resource impact of NICE guidance

Our reports and templates help you implement our guidance and identify key resource impact issues. We also endorse some resources produced by external organisations.

Adopting new technologies

Our health technology adoption team supports the uptake of new technologies recommended by NICE. We can help you develop a systematic approach to the adoption of new technologies.