Structure of NICE

Our board sets out our strategic priorities and policies. The day to day decision-making is the responsibility of our executive team. The organisation is split into 7 directorates:

Centre for Guidelines (CfG)

Develops guidance on:

  • the promotion of good health
  • the prevention of ill health
  • the appropriate treatment and care for people with specific diseases and conditions
  • social care and service delivery.

Find out more about how we develop guidelines.

The guidance is used by those working in the NHS, local government, social care, patients and their families.

Responsible for:

  • clinical guidelines
  • public health guidelines
  • social care guidelines.

Centre for Health Technology Evaluation (CHTE)

Develops guidance on the use of new and existing treatments within the NHS, such as medicines, medical technologies and surgical procedures.

Responsible for:

Impact and Partnerships directorate

Delivers our implementation strategy, drives and enables the effective and appropriate use of all of our guidance and advice, and supports the engagement of patients and the public.

Responsible for:

Science, Evidence and Analytics Directorate

Brings together the latest thinking and practice on using science, evidence and data to deliver NICE’s work.

Responsible for:

Digital, Information and Technology Directorate

Responsible for the design, development and maintenance of NICE’s externally facing digital operations.

Develops and maintains our internal guidance production systems.

Manages our IT operations and infrastructure.

Communications Directorate

Raises awareness of our work.

Responsible for:

Finance, Strategy and Transformation Directorate

Responsible for:

  • business planning
  • finance
  • corporate governance.

People and Places Directorate

Responsible for:

  • human resources
  • estates and facilities.